Connect with art and the artist

I believe that artwork becomes more personal and highly valued by the artlover, when the artist makes a personal connecting with the artlover though his vision and the artwork.



Gallery WOL75 was established in 2019 in The Netherlands by Kim van Erp. Gallery WOL75 is a online gallery specializes in contemporary art, contemporary visual art and surrealist artworks from the Dutch artist WOL75. Our mission is to connect the art lover with the artist, so that they both enjoy the work of contemporary art. At Gallery WOL75, we establish a personal relationship between you, the artist and his work. We believe that the artwork becomes more personal and is more highly valued by the art lover when he has direct contact with the artist and his vision and story. 

Only a few pieces of each artwork can be ordered per size. Furthermore, every work of art has a limited edition. Every piece of art created by the artist is provided with a certificate of authenticity, which is numbered, dated and personally signed by this contemporary artist. 

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